Study Skills

Posted Thursday, January 4, 2018 @ 2:55 PM

By now your student has completed the first half of the academic year. Hopefully they did well in their classes, but maybe they could have done better.

Has your student ever taken the time to evaluate their college level study skills? Many students had to study very little in high school. When they came to college they may have had a rude awakening if they lacked those study skills. There are resources on campus to help your student figure out their areas of weakness, or to just help them improve overall in their studies. Your student’s academic advisor can help in this area. The Student Academic Resource Center (SARC), University Writing Center, and the Math Lab are all available to students, and they are free.

Encourage your student to start the semester right by using the campus resources, even if they don’t feel like they need them. They may encounter a rough patch in their academic career. A strong relationship with their academic advisor and using the campus resources will give them the tools to have a successful academic career.