Academic Calendar

To view the dates associated with the above policies, as well as many other important dates, students should always be aware of the current Academic Calendar. This information is printed in the Schedule Web Guide (distributed at Orientation), or the information can also be found online.

Academic Policies

Various policies that relate to the registration process, enrollment verification, grades, withdraws, credit hour limits, and anything else related to academics.

Campus Map

We can help you find what you’re looking for. Use the UCF Campus Map to locate your classrooms, labs, housing and nearby parking; find buildings, locations, organizations and more at the University of Central Florida.

Career Services

Career Services offers students a comprehensive range of services to help them make academic and career decisions today, that will lead to career satisfaction tomorrow. Programs and services are available to assist with career planning, employment readiness and graduate school planning. Drop in hours and scheduled appointments are available Monday-Friday.

Parent & Family Fund

The Parent & Family Fund is an annual fund-raising effort that has established a tradition of parent and family support at UCF. Every year the support from more than 2,000 families help to create and enhance quality student programs and services. This fund ensures UCF’s academic excellence when programs require more funding than state funds and student fees allow.

Parent & Family Philanthropy Council (PFPC)

The PFPC is a leadership board of parent volunteers who serve a one-year renewable term. Members enjoy developing a connection with the university and with each other, and many parent volunteers choose to stay active on the committee even after their children graduate. Click on the link above to learn more.

Pegasus Parent Facebook Page

The Pegasus Parent Facebook page has been created to offer proud parents of UCF students the opportunity to remain up-to-date with UCF events and resources.

Student Rights to Privacy

FERPA protects the privacy of student educational records. It gives students the right to review their educational records, the right to request amendment to records they believe to be inaccurate, and the right to limit disclosure from those records. The act applies to all students who attend institutions that receive federal funding. With certain exceptions, a student has rights of access to those educational records which are directly related to them and which are maintained by UCF.

UCF Parent & Family Calendar

The UCF Parent & Family calendar shares student academic and social events for the coming year. The calendar provides you with insights into what your son or daughter may experience during his or her first year at UCF. Each month, we offer a small glimpse into the issues and concerns that may arise and some hints on what you can do to assist your son or daughter. Together we can be partners in encouraging your student’s success!

2019 Family Handbook

The 2019 Family Handbook provides you information about the university, our services, our traditions, and our events. Use this handbook as a way to help with your transition to UCF.

Parent & Family Bilingual Guide

This guide, with content in both English & Spanish, is a helpful resource for you as you navigate your student’s first year at UCF. Produced in partnership with Collegiate Parent.