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First Year Experience

Exciting Employment Opportunities with the SLS 1501 Program!

Please review the Peer Mentor Participant Summary below which provides more detailed information.

Please note: You will also need two recommendations from UCF Faculty or Staff (i.e. Instructors, Teaching Assistant, Resident Advisor, Academic Advisor). You may list their name and email within the application and the form will be sent to them or you may print of the recommendation form below and your recommender may submit following the instructions.

SLS 1501 Peer Mentor Application

Completed applications must be submitted by 11:59PM, Sunday, March 12, 2017. References must be received by Monday, March 20, 2017. (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Johnson or Joydel Trail.

To apply for SLS 1501 Adjunct Faculty positions, please view the Faculty requirements and complete the Online Application.

Application Deadline extended to Monday, March 20, 2017

Please note: You will need to upload a current Resume or CV and complete one short answer response. Submission of application should be received no later than Monday, March 20, 2017 (review of applications will begin as received). If you have questions about the application, requirements, compensation, or the status of your application, please contact Dr. Johnson.

What is SLS 1501?

Strategies for Success (SLS 1501) is a 3-credit elective letter grade course designed to assist students in transitioning to the University and collegiate life. The course helps students build a strong academic foundation by developing important life and study skill. Students will also learn and apply critical thinking skills towards diversity and social justice issues, career-readiness and other topics that promote student success. In a small classroom setting, SLS 1501 helps students reflect upon why they are in college and how they will succeed.

Benefits of SLS 1501

SLS 1501 is a one of a kind course designed for first-year students. Our students benefit from:

  • Small class setting
  • Faculty and Peer Mentor Interaction
  • Preparation for college level learning
  • Knowledge of campus resources
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Personal attention to your learning needs

SLS 1501 Peer Mentors

Each SLS 1501 course has an assigned Peer Mentor, a current UCF student who is eager to welcome you to UCF and help you get adjusted to campus. Your assigned peer mentor is here to provide you a source of guidance inside and outside of the classroom. In addition, Peer Mentors provide you with invaluable, rea-life perspective of a successful student at UCF. Peer Mentors will help you learn about UCF, teach you successful tips on making the most of your undergraduate career, and most importantly be a support system for you. Your Peer Mentor will be available to assist and answer questions about anything to help you be successful!

Course Objectives

SLS 1501 is designed to assist students in achieving the following goals:

  • Articulate research-proven student success strategies and skills and how to apply them to your daily practices as a college student.
  • Have an increased sense of confidence and skills in performing college-level tasks.
  • Understand the connection between academic success and their own strengths and motivation.
  • Set effective goals contributing to academic and/or personal success and make concrete plans for achieving their goals.
  • Understand the elements pertaining to good decisions with the focus on academic, financial, and career related decisions, along with the importance of managing stress in effective ways.

Course Topics

The curriculum of SLS 1501 encourages both student development and success. By the end of the course, you will have increased your academic abilities through learning:

  • Information fluency
  • Learning styles
  • Effective time management
  • Effective goal setting
  • Motivation
  • Career and Financial decision making
  • Academic resiliency
  • Presentation strategies
  • Academic writing
  • Diversity and Social Justice
  • Note taking and study strategies

Success Stories

“Coming into UCF I was just as lost as every other freshman. I had no idea what the Writing Center was or how to even write a paper in APA style. I did not know there was more than one way to take notes or that having a strong support system really does make a difference! Taking this course dramatically improved my confidence and I have a competitive GPA as a result.”

“I learned how to control my procrastination habits, set effective goals, become an efficient note-taker and study successfully. Best of all, learning about college level exams and how to prepare and study for them eased my nervousness about midterm and finals.”

“With everything I have learned in this class I know I be successful in the future. I came to college overwhelmed and SLS 1501 really helped me build a network of friends and support from Faculty and Staff on campus. SLS opened my eyes to academic and career possibilities that I could have never imagined and laid an exceptional foundation for me to be successful at UCF and beyond!


I have heard about Excess Hours, will that impact me?
SLS 1501 is a 3-hour elective letter grade course. Every major allows room for elective hours. Enrollment in SLS 1501 counts towards your graduation hour requirement. Your academic advisor is the best resource to ask questions regarding excess hours.

What are some additional benefits of enrolling in SLS 1501?
SLS 1501 is designed to assist in your academic success and the rewards are simple: a highly competitive GPA results in students eligibility for participation in Undergraduate Research Programs, Internships, Jobs, Study Abroad, and many other opportunities that have highly selective applications. Your SLS 1501 Instructor will be a dedicated UCF Professional Staff Member or Faculty Member who want you to succeed here at UCF. Each section also has an assigned Peer Mentor that serves as exceptional guidance and assistance.

Enrolling in SLS 1501 is the first step in your college journey toward being a successful UCF Knight. Enroll today!

SLS 1501 Program Coordinator

Jamil D. Johnson, Ph.D.

SLS 1501 Program Graduate Assistant

Joydel Trail