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Orientation Leaders (OLs) serve as peer educators, peer advisors, group facilitators, resource and referral agents, and role models to new students and their supporters at UCF! This is a demanding role, but when done well we believe it is equally, if not more, rewarding. Orientation Leaders get to shape the experiences and journey of thousands of new students and their families, guests, and supporters during their first moments on campus. You become a first friend, a mentor, a resource, and a source of knowledge and inspiration to new Knights!

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Orientation Leaders are critical members of the First Year Experience (FYE) team and we are currently seeking more than 60 Orientation Leaders to make the commitment to join us! Click the link and/or the drop-downs below to learn more about the position.

Orientation Leader Position Description

The best Orientation Leaders are passionate about helping UCF students and their supporters and getting paid is a handsome reward. Orientation Leaders are compensated with a competitive compensation package that rewards their hard work in more ways than just the paycheck. Please review and understand the compensation fully before accepting the position; we invite you to ask any questions you may have before the interview process!

Orientation Leader compensation will include all the following:

  • Hourly pay rate of $13/hour
  • Free meals during worked Orientation sessions

An additional what we consider to be a “perk” of the role includes receiving free UCF swag (apparel, items, coupons, etc.)! Any UCF apparel you are given as part of the Orientation Leader role is yours to keep if you complete your full year term of employment.

Want the “inside edge” on being selected? There is no “right” answer here – we want to hire a diverse team that represents the broader UCF population, but there are certain qualities in student leaders that will help them be successful and standout. We’re looking for individuals who can show us examples of the following:

  • Help us fulfill First Year Experience’s mission, vision, and values to provide a strong foundation for new Knights.
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn as a person and a student, but also about UCF, its people, its programs and its regulations.
  • Be a team player who understands the benefits of collaboration and the impact of their own choices on teammates.
  • Have strong communication skills to be a source of information and a referral agent to new students and their supporters.
  • Role-model NACE Competencies, including, but not limited to: career and self-development, communication, critical thinking, equity and inclusion, leadership, professionalism, and teamwork.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and work ethic.
  • Show leadership potential and a willingness to learn, receive feedback, and be coached.
  • Be eager to improve leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Have the ability and willingness to work with a diverse group of team members, new students, and supporters, and to promote the benefits of a diverse and inclusive campus environment.

During Orientation sessions, OLs:

  • Welcome new students and supporters to the University and assist them in the initial Orientation check-in.
  • Serve as a role model and facilitator for new students and be constantly accessible for interaction with students and their supporters, answering questions and referring them to other units.
  • Be a source of information regarding academics, policies and procedures, campus services, activities, building locations, and all other aspects of life at UCF.
  • Facilitate well-organized, thorough small group meetings and Q&A discussions for new students and their supporters. OLs will also be required to go over specific information regarding UCF policies.
  • Deliver public speeches to audiences between 20 – 1,000 attendees (don’t worry, you’ll be a pro and we will help you prepare for these!)
  • Administrative tasks such as setting up signage, pulling and organizing supplies, assisting presenters with their presentation materials, etc.

Beyond Orientation, OLs help recruit new Orientation Leaders, support UCF's annual Family Weekend program, support Campus Locators during the first days of the Fall and Spring semesters and so much more!

This position runs one calendar year from the date of hire. A high percentage of the workload will occur between the months of April to August. All dates and times given are to the best of our knowledge at the time of this revision. They may change depending on finalization of the University calendar and Orientation planning.

Please thoroughly review the list of tentative dates and commitments listed under Position Responsibilities in the official Position Description and speak to your family, friends, and supporters about these dates before committing to the Orientation Leader role. These are non-negotiable terms of employment and by becoming an Orientation Leader, you agree to being available for work on the dates of these commitments.

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