Strategies for Success Program

 Welcome to the SLS 1501 Program from Dr. Johnson!

What is the SLS 1501 Freshman Seminar Course?

  • Strategies for Success (SLS 1501) is a 3-credit hour elective letter grade course designed to assist students in transitioning to the University and collegiate life.
  • In a small engaging classroom setting, the course helps students build a strong academic foundation by developing important life and study skills.
  • Students also learn and apply critical thinking skills towards diversity and social justice issues, career-readiness and other topics that promote student success persistence through the first-year and beyond.
  • Each section of SLS 1501 is assigned an Adjunct Faculty and Peer Mentor selected by the SLS 1501 Program.

Student Success Narrative: I am so thankful for my SLS 1501 course. Coming into college, I was confident I knew all there was to be successful. I did everything right in high school and was well on my way in my major. I did not realize how difficult college would be. SLS 1501 taught me how to correctly read my textbooks and study for exams. My first semester was tough, but I made it through and now I am more confident moving forward. I understand now how valuable SLS 1501 is.

Fall 2020 Section Offerings:

  • As of now all Fall sections will be taught Face to Face; however, we will follow UCF Guidelines on section modality once more information is known and communicate with enrolled students.
  • Meeting times depends on the enrolled section. (R) = Thursday.

  • College of Business majors, there are also four major specific sections just for you. Your advisor will discuss these sections more during orientation. If you are unable to enroll in any of these sections, you can enroll in any other open SLS 1501 section.

**Section 61 (Rosen) is no longer being offered for Fall 2020**

SLS 1501 Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase self-efficacy, confidently perform college-level tasks and make effective decisions that will promote retention, persistence, and graduation as a highly-competitive UCF Knight.
  • Develop effective short-term and long-term goals and apply action steps needed to reach your goals.
  • Understand college-level research inclusive of peer-reviewed research, effective presentation skills (written, oral, and multimedia), and writing college-level papers in APA format.
  • Identify the important co-curricular and high-impact practices that correlate to your intended major and/or career-interests to participate in to strengthen your academic pathways.

Three Prong Approach to Promote Student Success 

  1. Student Success Strategies: Time Management, Study Skills, Note Taking, Active Reading, Exam Preparation, Critical Thinking.
  2. College Level Writing and Research: Introduction to college level writing (technical writing), research development (peer reviewed research in the library database), and APA writing style (We are introducing students to APA; however, depending on the major there could be other writing styles students may need to learn. Students will learn these in their major specific coursework.
  3. Career Readiness: Self-Reflection upon student’s career interests and identification of co-curricular involvement over the next four years, resume development, elevator pitch.

SLS 1501 Peer Mentors

Each SLS 1501 section is assigned a highly-competitive UCF Knight that demonstrates outstanding scholarship, leadership, and community involvement. The Peer Mentor provides an extraordinary amount of mentorship including dedicated outreach support as well as connection to academic and high-impact opportunities for SLS 1501 students.

Impact of SLS 1501: Students and Peer Mentors


  • I previously enrolled in a course like SLS 1501 (i.e. Community College or High School), should I take this course at UCF? Absolutely! SLS 1501 courses at other institutions help you get into UCF whereas the course at UCF helps students graduate from UCF!
  • I have 30 or more credit hours, am I still eligible to enroll? Any FTIC student (i.e. those admitted with accelerated hours, AP/IB credit, etc.) may enroll in SLS 1501. Continuing Sophomores may also elect to enroll.
  • Are there any major restrictions? Sections are not major based; thus, students from all majors may enroll in SLS 1501. However, there are major based sections or sections with restricted enrollment (a note is indicated in myUCF).
  • Is SLS 1501 an easy A? The course is designed to support success and students should approach like any other college-level course. Attending class, participating, and submitting assignments are strategies to success.
  • Is SLS 1501 offered at UCF Downtown? SLS 1501 is not currently offered at UCF downtown in any semester. This course should not be confused with SLS 1122 which Valencia College students are required to take. 

Models of Success

“I graduated top in my high school class and figured college would be a breeze. I was so wrong! I had no idea how to write a college level paper. SLS introduced me to the APA writing style and the UCF Writing Center.”

“In high school I aced every exam. I honestly did not have to study. My first exam at UCF was an eye opener. Not only did I fail it broke my confidence. SLS helped me implement a better study routine, test taking strategies, and introduced me to the Student Academic Resource Center (SARC).”

“UCF has over 500 organizations and clubs. I knew I wanted to be involved on campus but had no idea the real time commitment. SLS helped me prioritize my time management skills so school was main goal but I could still be involved and make friends.”

“My Peer Mentor became much more than a mentor, she really became a friend. I have a hard time meeting people and it seemed everyone else got friends quickly. My mentor would invite me to events on campus so I would not go alone. Now I have started an organization on campus to help other freshman gain friends.”

Course Topics

Learn and apply the skills necessary to be a highly competitive UCF Knight!

  • Effective Time Management
  • Self-Reflective Techniques
  • Career-Readiness
  • Academic Research and Writing
  • Critical Thinking and Debate
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Financial Literacy
  • Academic Resilience
  • Presentation Strategies
  • Study Strategies & Test Taking

Meet the SLS 1501 Team. An accomplished group of Professionals who serve as Professors and extraordinary student leaders who serve as SLS 1501 Peer Mentors!

Meet the SLS 1501 Team 

Frequently Asked Questions

SLS 1501 is a 3-hour elective letter grade course. Every major allows room for elective hours. Enrollment in SLS 1501 counts towards your graduation hour requirement. Your academic advisor is the best resource to ask questions regarding excess hours.

SLS 1501 is designed to assist in your academic success and the rewards are simple: a highly competitive GPA results in students eligibility for participation in Undergraduate Research Programs, Internships, Jobs, Study Abroad, and many other opportunities that have highly selective applications. Your SLS 1501 Instructor will be a dedicated UCF Professional Staff Member or Faculty Member who want you to succeed here at UCF. Each section also has an assigned Peer Mentor that serves as exceptional guidance and assistance.